Do’s and Don’ts for Workplace Outings

Workplace Outings typically put HR and Business Owners on guard. Very few focus on summer workplace outings, even though they both are culprits for sexual harassment, drinking, and making others feel uncomfortable. We are more accustomed to focusing on holiday parties. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you have fun!

If you choose to serve alcohol, a best practice is to limit drinks by using tickets. Another helpful tips is to designate some managers not to partake, so you have monitors and designated drivers if needed. Employers know that drinking alcoholic beverages is the “kiss of death” at a company outing. Avoiding alcohol all together is the best practice. If employees or families wish to get together at their own homes to indulge, the liability is shifted.

As a business owner you should clearly communicate the company’s expectation including behavior, code of conduct, dress code is essential since summer tends to show off skin. You or your HR staff should be prepared to respond to an incidents and deal with appropriate corrective action when the employee returns to the workplace.

If you bring employees to your home or country club for a pool party/outing be prepared to deal with the fallout of water fun, bathing attire, and also religious reasons. We hope these resources help you to plan your next event.

Employees look forward to these events, but is imperative to send information in advance and set the proper protocol. Keep the rules simple, but clear so everyone has a great time.

Positive employee relations are expected at summer outings. Exercise care to minimize risk. Most of all have fun, which is the reason for the workplace outing.

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