Is the Traditional Resume Going by way of the Dinosaur?

A recent study, by Office Team, showed that 36% of those who responded believe it is somewhat likely resumes will eventually be replaced by profiles on social and business networking sites.

A resume continues to be an important job-hunting tool.  It is also very important that job seekers create online profiles that highlight their expertise and qualifications.  Hiring Managers are turning to the Internet for information about prospective candidates.  Job seekers should keep their online profiles current and behave professionally on-line.

Other activities on social networking websites may also increase the likelihood of finding a job. Another survey conducted by an outplacement firm cited that jobseekers with at least five recommendations on LinkedIn were placed in a new position in just over four months on average.  This was 10% faster than those without recommendations.  Your profile requires a minimum of three recommendations to be optimized.

The effective use of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can make a significant difference in how quickly you are able to find a job.   It is very important to focus on the quality of recommendations, not quantity.   If you have too many recommendations on your profile, the truly important ones can get lost in the mix.

As a jobseeker it is also very important to think about your on-line image.  The photo posted to your profile should be professional and visible. Untag yourself or adjust your privacy settings to limit who can see certain images.

Other suggestions:

  • Be sure your resume stands out.  Use key industry terms to describe your skills, specialties and positions of interest so hiring managers can more easily find you on-line.
  • Be selective about who you allow into your social networks because potential employers may contact these individuals to find out more about you. Your contacts also could alert you to job openings.
  • Regularly update your profile and be active professionally. Post useful comments on LinkedIn.

Recruiters and Hiring Managers are not career counselors. They are not career advisors, job mentors, resume writers, personal brand advocates, interview coaches, nor personal success advocates. Their primary mission is to identify and place and hire top talent, not to develop and nurture candidates’ careers. Career recruiting, for most, means a recruiter who doesn’t make very many placements.

If you want to get noticed by a hiring manager, Dube Consulting can help.  We don’t write resumes, but develop them.  We coach you – help you to find the right network, strategy, and serve as your personal advocate.  We have a very high success rate to help you get noticed.  Don’t let your resume become a dinosaur.

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