Tips for Finding a Job During the Pandemic

Companies might not be hiring today, because they are trying to figure out how to do business during the pandemic.  Here are some tips for finding a job during the pandemic.  Jobs are becoming more virtual.  Companies will be hiring!  It is best to keep networking and applying to jobs with a different approach during uncertain times. The applicants who build relationships and share ideas will be a in a better position when jobs open up.

As HR Consultants, we are helping companies get up to speed on the logistics of returning people to work.  This is new and employees have concerns about the conditions they will return too.  They also have children finishing up school and no suitable day care.  Some may even have a spouse who is out of work on a furlough or layoff.  There are many things for people to consider and employers to figure out.  In unchartered territories, this will take time.

You might be desperate for income.  If so, there are many big box stores such as Walmart who are hiring.  Also, delivery services such as UPS and FedEx are adding workers.  As the Covid-19 pandemic opens into phase 2 and phase 3, there will be jobs in hospitality, food and beverage and cleaning will not  go away.  If you really need an income, this is the recommended direction to take.  Remember it is temporary job.  If you are unemployed and need a stopgap, consider looking wherever you can find an opportunity, that makes sense for you,  it will pay the rent and put food on the table for now.

Networking is still the #1 way to find a job.  Who do you know?  What groups can you join? Do you belong to any professional groups?  Maybe a friend can hook you up!  Be professional, join the conversation and talk about topics which demonstrate your expertise.

The virtual interview is a bit different.  Find a friend and practice – practice- practice!  Set up your computer, your webcam, your lighting so you are ready.  Armed with the answers to highly anticipated questions you will ace the interview.  Research the Company.  The pandemic has put many things on hold or is making the process longer to close.  Do not be afraid to ask about the timeline.

Like any interview, it is important to follow up.  A quick note to thank the interviewer is always appreciated.  After a week or two, a phone call may be the next opportunity to connect.  Do not “what if” the situation – Believe in yourself!  Others will too.

Finally, we recommend boosting your skills by taking an online class or enrolling in a college program.  You have the time, use it wisely to be better prepared for your next opportunity.  Many community colleges offer short course in MS Office, Graphic design, computer languages, and more.  Learn how to use online resources such as Zoom, WebEx, and Skype.  During this slowdown, it is important to focus on what you can control.   Keep networking, be better prepared, and you will land a good job!

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