What do you think the success rate is for a senior professional in getting in front of a hiring manager?

What do you think the success rate is for a senior professional in getting in front of a hiring manager?

75%, 50%?  Less than 5% of senior professionals get in front of the hiring managers without a developed resume.  Notice I did not say written, but developed resume.

Given the current market conditions, it is no surprise that there is ample helpful advice and information for professionals, so we would like to offer you some guidance based on a very high success rate.

As a hiring manager the number one goal is retention, not simply looking to fill an empty slot.

The company is not looking for someone who is simply looking to take a job on the way to a more perfect career.  The Company has a mission and a business plan. It is the hiring manager’s responsibility is to find a candidate who can join their team in an effort to carry out that mission and to contribute to the Company’s success.

With a well developed resume and targeted cover letter, the senior professional can help the hiring manager achieve his/her goal by providing evidence that he/she is the best choice.

The application process is your first chance to get noticed and show you are a serious candidate, one concerned about the company as much as about yourself and your interests. You have an opportunity to show the company that you can lead, bring on your best game, and be sincere and serious about doing a great job for them. 

A well-developed resume shows your level of expertise, simplifies your accomplishments, and opens the door for an interview. 

Our professional resumes are personally-branded, high impact, but not overpowering.  A developed resume will show you have the ability to use available resources for overcoming a challenge to achieve success.

Experience shows that less than 5% of senior professionals provide a well-developed resume.  To get noticed, you will need to do more than present your qualifications.  You need to show the company why your qualifications will solve their problems, help them to accomplish their mission and build their business. 

Your livelihood depends on you getting a job.  That’s a big thing. So, if you don’t put your best foot forward for yourself and a task as important as finding a job, you won’t be able to convince the hiring manager that you will do so for the Company.

Isn’t getting the job your first assignment for the Company? Show the company that you are serious and that you can successfully complete the task.  Find out how we can transform your job search now to get the desired results!

Dube Consulting will develop a powerful, effective, and personally-branded resume that will distinguish you from other job seekers, powerfully positioning you as the candidate of choice, and induce the reader to take immediate action.

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