Do You Need a Social Media Policy?

If your employees are mature, responsible, and ethical and always think before they write, then the answer is “NO.” I bet you are thinking to yourself, be real… When do employees act that responsibility?  Perhaps you have the best company around and just one person has a lapse of memory/judgement.  How will that reflect on your …

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Top 5 Reasons to Conduct an Audit?

Audits help businesses uncover problems and ensure efficiency. Here are the top 5 reason to conduct an audit: 1.  To insure the effective operation of an organization. 2.  To review compliance with a multitude of administrative regulations. 3.  To instill a sense of confidence in management that the business is functioning well and you are prepared …

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Conducting HR Audits to Help Propel Your Business

Understanding what audits are, the purpose they serve, and the significance they provide can position a business to be compliant with various employment laws and sought after as an employer of choice. Remember; conducting an audit is not something you do just once.  It is never a done and over with deal. Instead, effective audits …

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Eliminating Waste in the Recruitment Process


Companies will develop strategic plans; invest in product development, marketing, sales and technology to ensure they are strongly positioned in the market to beat their competition. Most companies don’t apply the same prudence when hiring the workforce that will drive these requisites to success. Recruiters and staffing managers can achieve significant savings by taking a …

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What’s in Your Personnel File?

Did you know that on 8/30/10, Governor Patrick signed a new economic development bill that contains an amendment to Massachusetts personnel records law? The new law (Chapter 240 of the Acts of 2010, section 148) implements a dramatic change in the employers’ legal obligations regarding personnel records. The amendment requires employers to notify employees within …

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Staffing Your Small Business

Running any small business always comes with its fair share of challenges–be it marketing, managing or tracking revenue, but one problem that few think about is staffing. Staffing a small business is not something that can be done on the spur of the moment. Choosing the right staff means considering your business needs–immediate and future. …

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