Safety Training on a Budget

With the recession workplace budgets are getting tighter but the need to maintain a safe workplace will always remain.  Safety training is a worthwhile investment for any business and it can do a lot to help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while at work.  Trying to fit safety training into your tight budget may seem daunting at first but there are plenty of ways to train employees without breaking the bank.

Training programs may be expensive but that doesn’t mean your employees can’t learn about workplace safety.  If you send only one employee to formal training sessions you can cut costs and that employee can help to train the others when they return.  Make sure the person you choose to send will pay close attention to training so they can adequately help others understand how to be safe at work.

Use employees who already have experience to your advantage. It helps if the person you send to training has some degree of familiarity with workplace safety.  Employees who have already received training can work as a team with HR to create a custom training program for other employees.

Take advantage of community resources.  Local government and nonprofit organizations may have less expensive training options and certification programs in areas such as first aid, CPR, etc.  This a great way to fit some basic safety training into your budget.

Look at web-based safety training options.  Online tutorials can cost a lot less money and may cover general and compliance issues.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also has a website with some free materials and grants to help companies on a budget get safety training for employees.

Contact your workers’ compensation carrier.  Private and state-run carriers may have in-house experts available to help with safety training and may charge less than other training options.

Companies should also consider creating a lessons learned or best practices program in addition to any other safety training.  This will help employees learn from any past occurrences while keeping them safer in the future.

By looking into some or all these options your company can ensure that employees get the safety training they need while still staying within your budget.

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