Did You Receive a LinkedIn Request?


As a LinkedIn Expert, I am often asked “what should I do do when I receive a request to connect?”  Well there are many different answers to this question. Please allow me to explain.  As a LinkedIn member you have the ability to connect with:

  1. Only people you know.
  2. Other people on LinkedIn.
  3. People in Groups.
  4. People in Association
  5. People with common education.
  6. People in the same industry
  7. People in a certain geo-targeted demographic.
  8. People of influence.
  9. Various companies.
  10. And OpenLink Network, LION and more….

First. I  recommend is to connect with people you know.  If you can reach 100 friends,  (that is the magic number to optimize your profile) then you are off to a good start.

DO NOT STOP!   I recommend you continue to connect with others.  A simple tip is 2 connections per day x 5 days of the week = 10 connections a week x 4 weeks of the month or 40 new connections a month.  Of course if you can do more, that is a BIG PLUS!

Second, build your 1st level of connections from people you know like and trust.  That makes it so easy to leverage your connections down the road when you have hundreds or even thousands.

Third, connect through groups.  I usually recommend joining groups that interest you.  For example: I belong to several Human Resource groups because that is my primary occupation.  LinkedIn will recommend groups for you.  Do not hesitate to look at different groups.  It is important to have a well-rounded “sphere of influence. (More on that another time).

Finally when you have over 500+ connections consider a premium account.  OpenLink Network, LION and more.  Wondering what they are?  Here is a little hint.

OpenLink NetworkOpenLink is something that is available exclusively to Premium account holders and is a key benefit of these paid for business accounts. It lets people who are members find and get in contact with other professionals who are interested in meeting new people. It also opens up the ability for anyone to contact you and makes certain that anyone can see your full details in the search results, whether the searcher is part of your network or not.

lionL.I.O.N.  is a designation used by several user-created groups and individual LinkedIn members to indicate a high level of inter-connectivity to other LinkedIn members. This term is not endorsed by LinkedIn. As a reminder, only connect to people you know and trust and only join groups you want your name associated with. If you need additional information regarding any group’s purpose and/or philosophy, contact the identified group owner in the group directory.

What I can share is that people in these groups typically do not mark the request, IDK or SPAM.  They welcome connections from others around the globe.  They will not impact your status negatively on LinkedIn, but the will help to grow your connections.

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