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Developing your HR Department

  • We create best practices, HR policies and procedures to help you run your business and/or organization. We help you to improve on your current HR practices or set them up for a newer business. We offer you the structure, materials and guidance for compliance and growth.

Employee Relations

  • We resolve workplace disputes resulting from complaints, grievances or disciplinary matters. This results in more harmonious Employer - Employee relationships.

Training & Development

  • We deliver customized training to develop your management team. This is comprised of core competencies and areas where your business has a deficit. Typically this training can be delivered based on need or an entire series.

Organizational Development

  • This means putting the right people in the right places for an effective organization.  We will help you to assess needs, gaps, and document job descriptions and fit your employees into a structure or A & B players,  Why have voids or the wrong person in the job?  Our strategies will encourage employee participation and feedback.

Retained Search and Recruitment

  • While we typically focus on Management level candidates we are willing to offer the expertise and resources of a vast network to help you find other candidates for employment. The processes are standard, but often times in a tight economy they are insufficient.  We have a number of business partners with proven skills to assist you.

Social Media

  • Embracing social media is an important requirement for all business/organizations today. We offer training on/offsite to teach your employees how to embrace such things as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and email marketing campaigns. With a wealth of resources in this area, we can bring strategic partners to train, setup or manage your web presence.

Pricing Matters

To understand your requirements and budget, we recommend that you give us a call and we will talk you through the price plan options with no hard sell.  Our focus is to help the small and mid-size business owner or organization director to put best practices into play.

Retained Search

As a retained search recruiter, we take the time to get things right using processes and agreed methodology, knowing we will eventually fill the position thanks to the exclusivity terms. We are engaged to help you through what is sometimes very difficult process and this search can be rather lengthy. For this service, we charge 18% of the first year's salary.

Monthly Retainer

Clients find that outsourcing all or some elements of their HR function to Dube Consulting is both cost effective and hassle free. For monthly support, we offer a retainer price plan. The retainer plan allows you to buy a certain number of hours per month and for "on-call services." Anytime you need support with HR inquiries you can reach out and ask for a practical solution. Unlike other HR Consultants, we allow unused hours to carry over to the next month, giving you more cost effective service.

HR Projects & Training

The HR Project plan is specifically more in depth and spans over a week of support such as a series of manager training sessions, a company restructure or the setup of an HR Department/implementation of policies and procedures. The HR Project & Training fee is based on a daily rate and overall is slightly subsidized compared to a Consultation fee.  This means if you have a larger piece of work to be carried out, this rate could work out to be more cost effective for you.


Your choice is this method of billing means that you are charged an hourly rate.  We offer reduced rates for 501(3)(c) organizations.

Client Testimonials

Bruce Taylor

I was impressed by Nancy’s energy, her optimism, and her great intuition about what was happening in the company’s workforce. I would recommend her highly for a senior HR position, and would gladly work with her again.

Bruce Taylor

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