Preventing Workplace Violence: What Can You Do?

People won’t always get along and in any business disagreements are bound to happen at some point but what should you do when one employee threatens another with violence?

Preventing Workplace ViolenceAll incidents no matter how small they may seem should be investigated.  If your investigation shows that an employee was actually threatened you should document the incident and discipline the offending employee.  Discipline should depend on the severity of the threat and often includes separation from the threatened employee, counseling the offending employee, suspending the offending employee or even termination.  All disciplinary measures be taken starting with a warning to ensure the offending employee understands the severity of their actions.

To prevent threats of workplace violence your company should ensure that you have developed a clear policy on threats of violence and their consequences.  This policy should be an integral part of employee training.  Establishing a reporting system will also be helpful for your company.  Once a reporting system has been established staff members will know exactly what to do in the event they are threatened by another employee.  Lastly, know your Manager’s should  be trained to ensure review of employees conduct by performing periodic assessments of physical security.

What does your policy include?  Are your Manager’s trained?

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