Performance Management

Plan, Monitor and Review Work Objectives Together

Performance Management

Businesses often struggle to provide performance reviews, appraisals and any type of performance management system. No one likes being rated with a number or hearing that they are sub-par.

Performance coaching, employee development and evaluation are among the most important parts of the process, so make it easy to provide this feedback. Train managers on how to coach, give feedback and regularly check in with employees.

When employees have a clear understanding of company objectives and how what they do aligns with those objectives, they are much more likely to be highly-engaged and considerably more productive. We recommend that you set goals and encourages your employees to align their goals with the company's overall strategy.

Every manager knows that communication is the key to a productive workforce. Encourage your employees to adopt a more traditional form of contact. Talk to management. Having a quick meeting or phone call can settle a matter that might have taken hours of back-and-forth emails.

Recognize your employees for a job well done. By making your employees feel appreciated will encourage them to continue increasing their productivity. Simple incentives will help employees feel valued.

Forcing employees to learn on the fly can be extremely inefficient. Instead of having employees trying to accomplish a task with little or no guidance, take the extra day to teach them the necessary skills to do their job. Employees will be empowered to accomplish their tasks on their own, and your time won’t be wasted down the road answering simple questions or correcting errors.

Shifting the focus from a burdensome annual process to ongoing discussions focused on feedback, development, coaching and trust will greatly improve performance and simplify the tedious task of reviews, with expectation of ratings, scores and even monetary attachments. The system is built on the notion that day-to-day conversations can predict performance better performance.

When discussing the employee’s job performance, we encourage you to cover these essential topics:

  • Team Player
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Organizational Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Interaction with Co-workers
  • Quality of Work
  • Attendance
  • Leadership Skills
  • Training Required to Succeed

By including these topics into more everyday conversations, your managers will empower their employees and better motivate them. Leave salary reviews to just that. Do not make it all about performance on that day, week or month. Set benchmarks and labor grades so that salary discussions are known and progressive. Allow performance management to occur naturally.

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