Paid Family Medical Leave Act for Contractor’s

Nancy Dube, HR ConsultantAre you confused about the Paid Family Medical Leave Act [PFMLA]? Several employers have asked us for clarification on their 1099-Misc contractors.  Hence, this blog will provide you with the critical information.

  • An explanation of the availability of family and medical leave benefits and the procedures for self-employed individual to become covered individuals;
  • The self-employed individual’s contribution amount and obligation is the were to become a covered individual;
  • The employer’s contribution amount and obligations;
  • The employer’s name, mailing address, and email address;
  • The employer’s identification number assigned by the Department (FEIN); 
  • Instructions on how to file a claim for family and medical leave benefits; 
  • The address and telephone number of the Department; and
  • An other information deemed necessary by the Department.

The stature says that these notices must contain “[a]ny other information deemed necessary by the Department,” it is possible that the Department may impose additional notice requirements when it issues final regulation later this year.

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