Human Resources Outsourcing Services in North Carolina

HR Services in North Carolina

Strategic HR Planning

Every business is unique and human resources outsourcing alleviates the time-consuming and complex process of dealing with employee’s needs. Your business is required to maintain accurate records, meet federal and state laws and regulations, as well as communicate effectively with your employees.

Unfortunately, the time spent on managing human resource responsibilities internally may not be the best use of your work time, distracting you from focusing on revenue generating activities.

Often, business owners attempt to execute all functions of the human resources department themselves in order to save money. In fact, the average salary of a Human Resources Manager in North Carolina is $126,060, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fortunately, outsourcing HR activities give business owners time back, and reduce risk from a legal perspective while still being conscientious of the business’ bottom line.

Our Approach

Dube Consulting is an HR Services and Consulting Company servicing North Carolina, providing strategic support to serve your specific HR needs. Our HR services are designed for businesses that need HR consulting but don’t need someone full time. At Dube Consulting, we completely customize your services to address your business’s needs, implementing those initiatives that will bring the greatest return on investment. You’ll enjoy the convenience of personalized HR experience that provides as little or as much HR support as you need.

HR Outsourcing Services include:

HR Consulting Services include:

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Client Testimonials

Dianne Labonte

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nancy since we attended class together at Assumption for our SHRM certification as well as through recent business networking. Nancy is a professional and dedicated individual whose drive and intelligence has delivered her to her current role. Her business experience and personality make her an excellent resource for… “Dianne Labonte”

Dianne Labonte, Regional Sales Manager