LinkedIn Success Stories

Susan Cunniff, Colonial Life Insurance

LinkedIn Success Stories - Testimonials for Dube ConsultingI instructed Susan on two occasions for the Dream Factory Community.  She was a novice to LinkedIn and now attributes her business growth to the training she received from me.

Nancy is a very gifted and accomplished professional. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year when I attended a few of the seminars and forums she was giving. I have the highest regard for Nancy. I learned so much from her seminars that I was able to take what I learned from her and apply it to my business immediately. I am very pleased to share that my business has grown because of what she taught me in every one of her seminars. She is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to give not only a four star presentation, but, also be able to articulate to every person in the room regardless of their knowledge base.

I went into her seminars as a novice and came out feeling better equipped as a business professional. Nancy is a wonderful educator and extremely talented trainer. I can guarantee that Nancy is the best at what she does.

Lesli Ackles, Oasis Consultant

I taught Lesli for the Dream Factory Community at the Metro West Chamber of Commerce.  She was a novice and now leads her own networking group.

I attended two of Nancy’s LinkedIn workshops. They were amazing. Nancy was able to explain LinkedIn and how it worked in a way that I could understand. Not only that, but at the second workshop we brought our laptops and with Nancy’s guidance I was able to start building my LinkedIn profile right then and there. I have since added items to my profile using my notes from the workshop. Nancy took a topic that seemed overwhelming to me and taught it in a way that I could understand!!

Bill Gonzales, Charter Business

Bill is a fellow BNI member who asked me to present on behalf of Charter Business for the Worcester Chamber of Commerce.  I taught a capacity crowd networking and LinkedIn skills.

Charter Business hired Nancy to present at a Lunch and Learn Seminar held at the Worcester Chamber, A great decision! Nancy is an engaging speaker! I was very impressed on how she made everyone in the room feel important. The presentation was very interactive and educational. I came out of it with additional knowledge of LinkedIn, that I know will help my business grow. I would highly recommend Nancy for any speaking engagement on LinkedIn or Human Resources

Nancy Cantor, Cantor Consulting and the Dream Factory Community

Nancy partnered with me on multiple occasions to instruct her women’s group and entrepreneurs.  She had no understanding of LinkedIn but now uses it to manage her own group.

Nancy is a business expert who supports people in connecting with resources, opportunities, and people, which they need to succeed. Her knowledge and teaching skills made her a great workshop leader for my entrepreneurial clients.

In a recent LinkedIn for Business Owners workshop, Nancy helped my clients understand and utilize this powerful tool. Because of the great turnout and feedback, we have booked her for two more workshops. If you need an HR expert for your business or your clients, I highly recommend Nancy Dube

Patricia A. Paolucci, Associate Director of Career Services, Assumption College

Patricia attended a conference for Worcester Business Expo and heard me speak about LinkedIn.  She also knew me through my SPHR training at Assumption.  Experienced with LinkedIn, she came away with some new strategies.

Nancy is an extremely knowledgeable human resources professional and coach who offers her expertise to businesses wishing to retain and develop their best and brightest talent, as well as establish and maintain effective HR policies, procedures, and systems. Nancy is adept at teaching others about effective networking, especially using LinkedIn. I attended her seminar on “How to Network and Use LinkedIn” at a business expo recently, and came away with a number of new techniques for maximizing the value of this great tool. I highly recommend Nancy for her wealth of knowledge, clarity, and skill in helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals.

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