Job Readiness Strategies

Are You Really Ready to Land Your Next Job?

It is no longer easy to land a position without well-honed job readiness strategies. The competition is real and you want to validate your marketability and receive help putting together a plan with measurable results. As an executive, manager, administrator, technical resource, engineer, IT professional, retail salesperson, or general laborer, you will need to validate your skills and marketability. Together we will set up a job readiness plan with real, measurable results.

Through one to one preparation sessions, you will obtain the tools and a plan to ensure a successful strategy and a course of action through the job search process, from beginning to end. Together we will formulate a plan to include the best known and proven processes that will help you to identify the steps and the level of activity needed to obtain job offers. Through planning and offering honest critiques we have helped many people find the job of their dreams.

Together, we will customize a plan and options that will work for you!

Practice Your Interview Skills

Let us help you develop a diplomatic and polished interview style. If you haven’t explored a career opportunity for a while, we encourage you to take advantage of our expertise to prepare you for your new role. By reviewing some key strategies, we will  put you at ease and walk you through the changes necessary to obtain the role that you seek. We can help you directly through job readiness preparation, interview practice, and resume development to identify jobs to pursue on your own.

Polish Your Professional Presence

As part of the job search process, it is critical that you present yourself in a professional manner. I can advise you on dressing successfully and appropriately for the work you wish to obtain. We have image consultants who will help you get the right look for your goals! If you do not look the part, you will not get the job. These services are for men and women in the workplace; if you are unemployed and you want to move into a management or executive role, coaching is invaluable for you!

Create and Improve Your Personal Brand

We want to ensure that your personal brand is working well for you in achieving your career goals. Your personal brand is a combination of your professional presentation skills, body language, and ability to maintain eye contact. Each aspect of your personal brand is critical and I will help you understand and enhance your personal brand. By targeting and refining your personal brand, we will help you to get you ready for your next move.

Assess Your Challenges and Accomplish Your Goals

Perhaps you have a few challenges facing you in the job readiness process. If you haven’t been in the job market for a significant amount of time, if you are changing careers or if you have been in one industry for a very long time, a refresher may be in order. Maybe you never needed a resume until now. Were you lucky enough to find your next role through the word-of mouth?

Whatever the challenges, together we can put it all together! Contact us for a consultation. We'll discuss your roadblocks, challenges, dreams and frustrations and we'll devise a customized plan to move forward!

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Client Testimonials

Karen Way

Nancy has been hired by me, as well as many family members for human resource services, resumes and her LinkedIn expertise. Nancy is a wealth of knowledge in these areas, as well as very professional. Her attention to detail is impressive! Lastly, Nancy is very reliable and a woman of her word. I’d hire her… “Karen Way”

Dr. Karen Way, DC, FIACA

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