Human Resource Development

Framework to Develop Personal and Organizational Skills

Human resource development includes such opportunities as employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development.

Human resource development provides employees with the skills to meet current and future job demands.  By aligning human resource development activities with the organization's goals a business will be able to reach the necessary results.

"Failure is not the end.  It is an opportunity to learn."

Through knowledge management organizations can:

  • Facilitate information exchange and transfer between employees
  • Encourage creativity and innovation
  • Tap the expertise of those leaving the organization
  • Assist in documenting policies and procedures

The organizational development process requires:

  • On-going diagnosis of the environment
  • Development of an action plan
  • Evaluation of the results

Innovation, Awards, Incentives and Perks with an emphasis on quality and diversity in the workplace is more effective in small to mid-size organizations.

Management training develops employee strengths and their ability to contribute to your organization. A variety of management level training is available to organizations – choices are endless. Dube Consulting may be able to help you obtain Workforce Training Funds, in certain states, for some selections.

Examples of human resource development include formal activities like: classroom training, college courses, and a change effort planned by the organization. An example of an informal activity is a manager coaching his or her employee on-the-job.

Human resource development within an organization occurs:

  • Training and development (TD), the development of human expertise for the purpose of improving performance
  • Organization development (OD), empowering the organization to take advantage of its human resource capital.

For in-service training, human resource development, coaching or assistance with organizational development Dube Consulting should be your "go-to" resource. Contact us today to learn more.

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If you are looking for an HR dynamo Nancy Dube is your person. I find Nancy to be a person of great vision and talent. She has the ability of a great strategic thinker and offers her clients insightful assistance in providing solutions to the complex issues of today. Nancy is also a LINKEDIN GURU!… “Guillette”

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