Why Hire an HR Consultant

Why Hire an HR Consultant?

Why Hire an HR Consultant

Small to mid-size business owners don’t have time to handle the day-to-day HR tasks. An HR Consultant can ease the burden and step in when no HR expertise exists to handle your continually needed HR functions. Your business will benefit from the expertise and experience of a Human Resource Consultant without the cost of paying a full-time salary. This salary currently runs from $74K to $220K plus benefits for an HR Director in Massachusetts and $62k to $186k in North Carolina, as of November 2019.

HR Consultants:

  • Will hit-the-ground running. There is no learning curve as there is with a new employee.
  • Can offer solutions they gained through experience, laws, and best practices.
  • Can offer flexible, customized services, as there is no one-size fits all model.
  • Will offer a fresh perspective, look at any situation without clouded judgement.
  • Will increase productivity, profitability, and reduce risk.
  • Will concentrate on having-your-back and giving you piece of mind.
  • Can ease the paperwork burden of onboarding.
  • Will help you find top talent, to grow the team and increase the number of customers who can be served.
  • Will reduce the time it talks to screen candidates and find a good cultural fit.
  • Will help you grow the team and increase the number of customers who can be served.
  • Will provide consistency in process, loss of time and loss of organization.

HR functions are typically split between a variety of people, who do not have the training and experience that an HR Consultant brings to the table. For these employees, HR functions are an added burden and takes time away from managing and growing your business.

As a business approaches critical numbers 11, 15, 50+ employees, an HR Consultant can increase compliance, reduce cost and defray risk. This alone is worth calling in an expert!

An HR Consultant can improve performance reviews, process tracking, goal setting and benefits management. Especially if you are a smaller firm that needs occasional guidance or help hiring but also wants to grow the business.

Top-notch HR Consultants:

  • Bring a strong track record of success with similar projects or industries. Ask about a project they were not successful with? This helps you find the best HR Consultants for your business.
  • Familiar with on-line as well as in person training. An HR Consultant will help your employees learn at their own pace, or with instructor feedback.

Not all HR Consultants are knowledgeable in every area. Ask about their core competencies and surround yourself and your business with the right critical functions; ask for references and testimonials. The experienced HR Consultants will be ready to offer names and numbers. Take the time to speak with them and to understand what services were provided, that brought about positive results.

Find an HR Consultant who is connected to the marketplace and understand the latest trends and best practices.

There are foundational values and core belief that help you to build trust with an HR Consultant. Make sure they have-your-back and you can feel the trust. Would you allow them to talk to Stakeholders or Board of Directors?

  • Successful HR Consultants will not spread themselves to thin and will be able to help you define timelines and expectations up front.
  • A project plan or Consulting agreement is the foundation to a successful relationship with an HR Consultant. The plan also helps the HR Consultant from the project, “scope-creep” they are being asked to deliver.

Anyone can offer you off the shelf solutions. You can “Google” your how to questions and find out how to do this project step by step. The problem being is that you do not have the expertise and using an HR Consultant will help you with your unique organization.

  • Staff augmentation may be a reason to hire an HR Consultant. It may not be the best reason to plug a position as it is more costly, but using an HR Consultant for a temporary fix may be more cost effective than filling a position with the wrong hire.
  • HR Consultants can shield the business owner from difficult situations including, disciplinary action, salary changes, job layoff, terminations and investigations.
  • HR Consultants serve multiple clients facing similar problems and across different business sectors.
  • HR Consultants have proven relationships with third-parties and can bring resources to your fingertips quickly.

HR Consultants offer fresh set of eyes and will add value based on the most mundane observations and insights. When you have a situation, you turn to a friend to talk it out. An HR Consultant will listen and make sense of your problem, offering solutions and market trends.

HR Consultants can act as a safety-zone before you make a costly mistake.

With HR Consultants on your team, Human Resource strategies stay in focus, timely, and help you to avoid legal risks. HR Consultants can offer the best resources/referrals to professional expertise, when you are in way over your head.

With HR outsourcing, you can:

  • Minimize Risk – Understand and plan for legislation and regulatory changes.
  • Save Time – Reduce HR administration from your to-do-list.
  • Gain Expertise – Access specialized experts, without increasing your headcount
  • Attract Top Talent – Access to databases, benefit experts, attorneys, and more.

You know your company’s business inside and out; you might not know the intricacies of human resources management as well. Unfortunately, the time spent on managing human resource responsibilities internally may not be the best use of your work time, distracting you from focusing on revenue generating activities. You’ll enjoy the convenience of personalized HR experience that provides as little or as much HR support as you need.

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