Happy Holidays from Dube Consulting

Hello Friends, Clients and Family,

We have had a busy, yet amazing year! Many of you know that my husband and I relocated 750 miles to North Carolina, over the Summer. We are blessed with a new home in Newport, North Carolina very close to Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. (Come visit!)

Bill retired this year after a lifetime of work and Military service. He is currently constructing a workshop to spend his time “playing with tools” and “making his beautiful woodworking pieces.” (Yes, he will take custom orders soon.)

Many of you know that my back has been an issue for a long time. We hope and pray that the warmer weather will help me to heal. As of this writing, I am still dealing with severe back issues. Stay tuned — I am not ready to “roll up the carpets” and retire yet! Slowing the pace has been an adjustment for me. I am still involved with many activities, but “soaking up the rays” has never been easier.

It is never easy to leave your children, although they are all grown up. We have been blessed with a visit from my son and his fiance. We are proud to announce their marriage in the Spring. My daughter, her husband, and my grand dogs have been in a bit of transition. As the year winds to a close, they are thriving, and preparing for a visit here before the holidays. Meeting and restoring Bill’s family relationships in the South has been wonderful, too.

With all this change, came the relocation of our headquarters for Dube Consulting. Melody joined me last year in November, and kept things active in Massachusetts. Kristen helped database all the contacts and get me organized for the the move. I still retain all the business files, records and connections made over a lifetime.

With this growth comes a few growing pains – I am not in your offices as often. However with today’s online technology I am still able to provide quality and customized services. We are in the process of growing “nationally,” taking on some Government work, and adding some additional support. Currently I am seeking a part-time Business Development person in Massachusetts. (Let me know if you have connections). I will continue to support our existing clients and Melody may pay you a visit if you need onsite help. Dube Consulting celebrated it’s 10th year of business, since starting up in November of 2009.

FAITH! You must hold it close and believe. Write down your intentions for the New Year. Intentions are much like goals that move you forward. Failure is not an option, call us if you need help: (508) 769-2294

Bill and I wish you and your families much happiness, health and prosperity. Let Dube Consulting be your resource for the future.

Have a happy holiday and may God be with you all!

Nancy Dube (and my supportive husband, Bill)

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