Get Your Resume Ready!

Over 5 Million More Workers File for Unemployment   

It’s time to get your resume ready!

As we prepare for that dreaded job search ahead, let’s take a fresh look at your resume.

Typically when I see a resume poorly written, it includes:

  • Name, Address, Telephone Numbers, and Email Address.
  • Experience – which reads like a bad job description.
  • Tenses are usually mixed, and the organization is lacking.
  • The fonts are all different with underlining, italics, and bold.
  • There are typos, and misspelling of words.
  • Education is lacking, or you have too many degrees for paper.
  • Interests, affiliations, and the other cool stuff is missing.

Perhaps you have had the same job for a long time.  How do you compete?

First thing, you must understand the purpose of a resume is to get an interview!

The purpose of a resume is to attract the attention of the employer.  To impress him/her so much, that they want to have  a face-to-face  interview or a telephone interview, with you.

Peak the employer’s interest so much, they want to  learn more about your qualifications.

Next, think about the way jobs are posted.  Seldom do you look at a newspaper.   Applicant tracking systems have been around a long time.  It is unimportant to know which one, but it is mandatory the the system can read your resume!

If you are unfamiliar with proven methods, you most likely won’t get a second glance.

Over 85% of resumes are rejected within seconds, making it even more difficult to get hired.

Let’s consider these 8 easy tips, to get started:

  1.  Organize content – Employer’s read the top 1/3 of your resume first.  Make it count!
  2. Use a good font – Times New Roman or Arial are recommended in a 10 or 12 inch size.
  3. Start with a summary – Let the employer know what you are targeting and why you are the best candidate.
  4. Add accomplishments – Tell the employer all the great things you did, and why/how you did them.
  5. Provide  education and/or credentials – If you have a degree it is essential to put it on your resume.  No degree, show the employer how you received the training to do the job successfully.
  6. Most of all, find the right keywords – Just because you know the technical terms, doesn’t mean they convert to an applicant tracking system.  The thesaurus is my best friend.
  7. Eliminate errors, spell check, and leave some white space on the paper.
  8. Never write a resume over two pages.

We offer resume review/critique services ranging from $150+. (This is explaining what is missing, and general comments about the resume) If we write your resume that fee is waved.

Dube Consulting Services and Fees
• Professional resume writing
• Targeted cover letter
• Reference sheet
• Conversion of resume to ASCII (text file) or PDF for electronic distribution.

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