Employee Relations

Employee Relations - Key to the Success of your Business

Employee Relations

Employees are more likely to feel engaged when they have solid rapport with managers and faith in their leaders.

Front-line managers have a critical impact on employee relations in any organization. Too frequently, managers don't have the experience, skills or information they need to succeed in this area. HR can play a proactive role here:

  • Helping to minimize employee relations issues within the organization
  • Improving morale and reducing turnover in the process
  • Providing in-service training to managers/supervisors

We examine your existing management development strategies and make sure that the following tactics are in place:

  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Responding to employee suggestions
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Managing fair and equal treatment

According to recent statistics, the annual cost of employee turnover in the United States tops $680 Billion.

Provide managers with the tools they need

Your organization's managers are important customers for Human Resources. The more effectively you can work through HR to serve the needs of employees, the more efficient you will be in meeting the organization's needs. Time spent on developing communication tools, training resources, counseling, and supporting resources to meet the needs of your managers, will be time well spent. Not only will you be able to increase efficiency in your business, but you will ultimately increase the satisfaction of both managers and employees.

Highly engaged employees are willing to go the extra mile, they work with passion, and they drive your business forward!

Take steps to quickly correct behavior when necessary

Sometimes managers need "course correction." Often managers simply are not ready for the job they're being asked to do.  They need to be empowered leaders who possess readiness and training so situations are corrected effectively. The impact of one manager on an organization can be immense!  This leadership may be either positive or negative. A poor manager will negatively impact performance, productivity, morale and turnover. Those are problems you don't need!

Analyze the costs, causes, and consequences of turnover in your organization.

Organizations can't afford to ignore employee relations issues because they can have a negative impact on recruitment, retention and the morale of your business.

Contact us to discuss your challenges with employee relations.

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