Documenting Employee Relations Issues

documenting employee relations issuesEmployee relations issues are a daily occurrence in business.  Every individual shares a certain relationship with his co-workers in the workplace. The relationship is either great – luke-warm, or bad. The relationship can be between anyone in the organization – between co-workers, between an employee and his/her superior, between two members of management, etc. It is important that the employees share a healthy relationship with each other to deliver their best performances.

Typically employee relations issues arise that require handling.  Many employers do not realize how important it is to document these conversations.

Here is a list of 25 top employee relations issues you should be documenting:

  1. The employee gets into a dispute with another employee.
  2. Frequent use of the telephone or cell phones for personal calls.
  3. Working too slow and failing to meet quotas.
  4. Has excessive and unscheduled absenteeism.
  5. Come and goes when he/she pleases without regard for authority.
  6. Receives poor feedback from customers.
  7. Struggles at work during a probationary period.
  8. Lacks attention to detail and makes a lot of mistakes.
  9. Fails to bathe/shower and has hygiene issues which need to be addressed.
  10. Works overtime without management approval.
  11. Uses company equipment, tools, and vehicle without authorization.
  12. Gossips all day long.
  13. Always has an excuse for not getting the work done.
  14. Share confidential or proprietary information.
  15. Is placed on a performance plan to establish an action plan.
  16. Shows a lack of respect for authority, especially when speaking to a supervisor.
  17. Makes threats to another employee.
  18. Fails to communicate his/her actions to management.
  19. Makes discriminatory comments or racial slurs.
  20. Inappropriately dressed for work.
  21. Violates a safety rule even if no one gets hurt.
  22. Drinking on the job or off the job at holiday parties.
  23. Produces a significant drop in sales.
  24. Works a flex schedule but is not available when needed.
  25. Is constantly late for meetings.

There are many more incidences that take place in the workplace.  Keeping well-document records will keep your organization running smoothly and will provide the necessary back-up for terminations.  You should intervene immediately in the case of conflicts and arguments.  Keeping your employee handbook up-to-date will give you leverage for managing employee relations issues.  If you still find it difficult to deal with employee relations and conflict, an HR consulting firm such as Dube Consulting can help.

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