Was Being Cut Loose a Blessing in Disguise?

As a consultant, I am often asked this question – What should I do?  I just got …. fired, laid off, discharged.

The following is some advice I share with those who are troubled by this scenario:

You now have an opportunity to explore jobs that better suit your qualifications and interests.   Research suggests that such an opportunity may be the one on your table. Would you like to hear more about your skills in working with new technology?

Perhaps your competencies were not the right match for your previous employer’s needs,  but  they may be a good fit in another organization.

Although circumstances caused you to leave the job, often times your were successful in school and got along well with both students and faculty.  Perhaps you didn’t fully understand your boss’s expectations or why he released you so quickly before you had a chance to prove yourself.
The job wasn’t working out so you and the boss agreed that it was time for you to move on to a position that would show a better return for both.  So here you are, ready to work.

Consider this. . .
Think about why you left, and if you should have done some things differently. That job was a learning experience and know that you are wiser now. All you need is a chance to I’d like the chance to prove it!

Perhaps a new manager came in and cleaned house in order to bring in members of his old team. That was his right but it cleared your head to envision better opportunities elsewhere.
Maybe some personal problems, which you have now resolved, upset your work life balance. These problems no longer exist and your up andrunning strong to exceed expectations in a new job.

You just wanted a new focus or different career objective.  I guess your mental separation set up the conditions that led to your departure. But you are ready now for a new challenge.

Perhaps you say, “I usually hit it off very well with my bosses, but this case was the exception that proved my rule of good relationships. We just didn’t get along well. I’m not sure why.”

Was your job off-shored to India or some other country? That’s too bad because people familiar with your work say it is superior and fairly priced.

Did you survive several downsizings but the last one caught you up?  Sign of the times, it happens!

Were you desperate for work and took the wrong job without looking at all the options? You won’t make that mistake again. You wouldd prefer an environment that is congenial, structured and team-oriented, where your talents can
shine and you can make a substantial contribution.
In all cases . . . Something Dies and Something Is Born.  Embrace the change and count your blessings.  A new and better journey awaits.

When you are ready, contact us for help developing your new resume.  We will help you overcome the negative connotations and develop position you for success!

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