The Colors of Spring

We see so many more colors this time of year. Red and yellow and white and pink and purple and green flowers and trees and grass and birds are begging us to go outside.

Have you been spending more time outdoors? Being outdoors is not just walking to the car and from the car, but taking long strolls along tree-lined streets. Rediscovering ponds, parks, zoos, playgrounds and bike paths. Playing some golf, tennis, baseball or soccer, and of course watching the kids’ games. Yes, the evenings can still be chilly, but we are far away from one quarter ago, when we were barraged by snow and more snow, which only gave us white and then dull grey! No matter what your situation–job seeker, harried mother, executive, or retiree, Spring is a time to appreciate nature, and to immerse yourself in it, and share it with someone you care about. Get those picnic baskets, lawn chairs and sun shades ready–Summer’s almost here!

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