When The Chips Are Down

Now that the Red Sox are back to their winning ways, it’s easy to see that they had the talent after all, and that it was not necessary to panic. But when you are going through a slump, whether you are in the game, or watching it, it’s no fun.

My experience is that good friends can pick me up, and get me out of my slump much faster. I have a couple of friends that know me, and can listen to me without judgement. Then, if I ask them, they might say: “Sounds to me like you are doubting yourself—but you absolutely have the talent and the caring to make it work, you just need to stop feeling sorry for yourself, and expect things to improve.”

Sure enough, it works every time. What we put out to the world, comes back to us. If I believe it’s going to be another crummy day, then I will be grouchy, and miss opportunities to win, as well as get reflections of my poor attitude from other people.

The hardest part is remembering we are not alone. Who do you have in your life that you can confide in, and who you trust to be honest with you, give you advice, and help pick you up when you are down? It could be a sibling, parent, best friend, or perhaps someone from church.

When the chips are down, things look bleak. But as the saying on my cork board goes, “This too shall pass.” Get back in the game, and go make your life count.

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