What Every Business Ought to Know about Using Facebook

Facebook logoThinking about starting a Facebook page for your business? If you’re not a millennial like me (Nancy’s social media intern) and you haven’t grown up in the world of social media chances are you might be a little lost.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. Here’s the some of basics everyone should know.

With social media anyone can post anything they want online. If you’re making a Facebook page for your business this means that anyone can “like” your page and become an automatic follower of your page. These followers are the people you’ll be sharing information with via your page.

Info Page

Think of this as an about me for your small business.  This where you can put information such as hours of operation, locations of your business, some basic information about what your company does, etc.

The Timeline

images-1This is one of the first things followers or perspective followers will see when they visit your page. The timeline displays all of your recent posts and activity. Recent posts will also show up on your followers’ Newsfeed or home page.

Post often but not too often. Your followers will want to be updated, after all that’s why they’re following you, but posting too often can overwhelm followers. Remember people who find you annoying or think you’re over-posting will likely unfollow your page.

Followers can also post to your timeline so check often in case they ask questions. All questions and posts from followers should be responded to. Sometimes followers will post negative comments or comments that do not accurately reflect your business. It is important to make a note of who posted the comment and delete this comment from your page as soon as possible. This can be done by clicking on the “x” that appears when you hover over the comment.

Being “Tagged”

People can also tag friends and followers in posts and images on Facebook. This allows Facebook users to specify who appears in photos direct comments directly to another person without posting on their timeline. If you post photos be sure to tag any followers who appear in them so both the follower and their friends can see them.

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