5 Resumes Tips to Get You Noticed!

Does your resume get you noticed? You only have 30 seconds to catch the attention of a hiring manager.  Here are some tips to make you stand out:

  1. Your resume should be clean, not typos and excellent formatting; If you had hundreds of resumes to review – what would you most enjoy reading?
  2. Professional Summary – Let the hiring manager know what sets you apart and how you can bring skills to the job.
  3. Experience – Please don’t write job descriptions.  No one wants to read every task you ever did.  Please be sure to show your accomplishments.
  4. Don’t hide the gaps; If you have a broken work history, pick a combination functional/chronological resume to enhance your strengths.
  5. Show activities, affiliations and groups that will enhance your experience.

Writing a professional resumes is tricky.  Show the hiring manager why they should pick you!  Stand out from the crowd.

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