5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn

I am often asked how to get your personal profile noticed on LinkedIn.  Well, this increase in visibility comes from optimizing your profile for high ranking by Google and on the WWW.   Here are my tips for helping you accomplish this:

1) You must first decide what keywords you want to rank for and then spread them throughout your profile. Concentrate on these areas: Headline, Summary, Job Title and Specialties. You want to make sure you add the keywords in multiple places, many times.

2) Remember those keywords you said you wanted to rank for? You should do a search for those keywords in LinkedIn paying particular attention to the people who rank #1.  Open the #1 ranked profile.  You will see the particular keywords highlighted on their profiles.  Count how many times they occur.  Yes, I did say count.

It’s important to have a profile that is rich in keyword density, but don’t go crazy! Write for your audience, not for Search Engine Optimization. If you rank high and people click through to your profile, you want to keep them interested and you can’t do that with a profile written solely for search engines.

3) The other thing you might notice is that the #1 ranked profiles are also profiles that are COMPLETE! Yes, LinkedIn rewards serious users with better search placement. So FILL IN your profile as much as you can! Use as much of the space as possible and if you are struggling to finish your profile, contact me to finish it for you.

4) The fourth part of LinkedIn is connecting with people. When you ran that keyword search, did you notice how the people that came up were on the first page and ranked between a first and second degree connection to you? The more people you connect to, the higher you will rank in LinkedIn search.

5) Fifth you should make good use of anchor text and links on your profile. LinkedIn offers basic Format Text for your links: My Website, Company Website, etc.  Instead of just accepting these suggestions, select OTHER.  By choosing Other, you have a chance to customize your URL’s which allows you to add your own anchor text. (If you don’t know what I mean by anchor text, it’s the word that you click on when you click a link).  Now you can create your own anchor text, USE THOSE KEYWORDS we talked about earlier! Are you wondering what URL you should use for these links? How about your Website, Facebook, Word Press or Twitter accounts? This anchor text is excellent for inbound and outbound links (I will talk about this in another blog).

So here you have it – 5 easy steps to increase your visibility on your personal LinkedIn profile.  If you need help writing and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, contact me!

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