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A 13 week course taught by experts M Fontaine, FBSmarty and N Dube, Dube Consulting.
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Safety Training on a Budget

With the recession workplace budgets are getting tighter but the need to maintain a safe workplace will always remain.  Safety training is a worthwhile investment for any business and it can do a lot to help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while at work.  Trying to fit safety training into your tight budget may seem daunting at first but there are plenty of ways to train employees without breaking the bank.

images-3Training programs may be expensive but that doesn’t mean your employees can’t learn about workplace safety.  If you send only one employee to formal training sessions you can cut costs and that employee can help to train the others when they return.  Make sure the person you choose to send will pay close attention to training so they can adequately help others understand how to be safe at work.

Use employees who already have experience to your advantage. It helps if the person you send to training has some degree of familiarity with workplace safety.  Employees who have already received training can work as a team with HR to create a custom training program for other employees.

Take advantage of community resources.  Local government and nonprofit organizations may have less expensive training options and certification programs in areas such as first aid, CPR, etc.  This a great way to fit some basic safety training into your budget.

Look at web-based safety training options.  Online tutorials can cost a lot less money and may cover general and compliance issues.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also has a website with some free materials and grants to help companies on a budget get safety training for employees.

Contact your workers’ compensation carrier.  Private and state-run carriers may have in-house experts available to help with safety training and may charge less than other training options.

Companies should also consider creating a lessons learned or best practices program in addition to any other safety training.  This will help employees learn from any past occurrences while keeping them safer in the future.

By looking into some or all these options your company can ensure that employees get the safety training they need while still staying within your budget.


LinkedIn’s Newest Feature – “Contacts”


LinkedIn network page

Image courtesy LinkedIn

LinkedIn Contacts

Now that you’ve filled out your LinkedIn profile page, the second step is to search out and connect with other members of the site. LinkedIn provides several methods for searching out contacts:

  • Upload your e-mail contacts
  • Colleague search
  • Classmate search
  • Name search
  • Advanced search

If you have a Gmail or AOL e-mail account, you can type in your e-mail address and password and LinkedIn will automatically find all of your e-mail contacts who are already members of the site. You can also use LinkedIn’s “Find Contacts Wizard” to upload contacts from Microsoft Outlook or any other address book software.

Once you’ve uploaded your contacts, you then can select which of those LinkedIn users you’d like to invite to become members of your network. You can also use this opportunity to invite all of your non-LinkedIn contacts to join the site.

Using the employment information from your profile page, LinkedIn will also show you all of your past and present colleagues who are members of the site. Just like your e-mail contacts, you then can choose which colleagues you’d like to invite to join your network.  This will really help to leverage inside connection when seeking work.

The same goes for your education history. Using the classmate search, LinkedIn will show you a list of all of the current LinkedIn members who attended your college or graduate school at the same time you did. You can also narrow down the search results to only those who graduated in your class.  I found an former classmate who I lost contact with many years ago.  It is so cool!

If you click on the “People” section of the LinkedIn Web site, you can conduct a name search or an advanced search. With a name search, you enter either a full name or just the last name of the person you’re looking for and LinkedIn will give you a list of all current members who share that name.

LinkedIn search

Image courtesy LinkedIn

An advanced search allows you to search for LinkedIn members using several different criteria: keywords, name, title, company, location and industry. Advanced searches could help you find an “inside contact” at a company to use to leverage business or a job.  If you want to learn more about how advanced search can help you, contact me at

The last step — after you’ve built your profile and found people you know — is to turn these contacts into “connections.”  I have received numerous connections over the years.  Several of these connections have led me to increased business.  Let me show you how to build human connections through LinkedIn.  Interested in a class?  Contact me at


Seminar Series: Lunch and Learn


Mar 6, 2013 at 11:30AM

Join us as the Chamber and Charter Business Team up to bring you a complimentary lunch and educational program to help you and your business


Engage – Follow up – Connect Through Speed Networking and LinkedIn for Business!


Every business is challenged with finding new clients. Through speed networking you have the opportunity to quickly meet others. Now you are faced with the dilemma of possessing numerous business cards and what to do with them? Using LinkedIn to follow up and re-connect will help you grow and convert these connections to lead generation and new customers.


Presented by: Nancy L. Dube, Principal, Dube ConsultingNancy has spent the past 25+ years in various capacities of Human Resources including VP Talent Acquisition, HR Director, Manager and Recruiter. She has been using LinkedIn to recruit and connect people since it was first introduced in 2003. At Dube Consulting she builds human connections through Human Resource – Resumes and Social Media.


Registration & Lunch: 11:30


Program: Noon – 2:00 pm


Location: Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


Offices, 446 Main Street, Suite 200, Worcester


This program is provided free with the generous support of Charter Business


Ideal for small and midsized businesses


Pre-Registration is required as seating is limited.


Register for this event

Register for Seminar Series Lunch and Learn on Mar 6, 2013 at 11:30AM!

LinkedIn or Spam?

Do you get requests to get on LinkedIn . . . and haven’t a clue why it would be good for you or your business?

Are you on LinkedIn – and not sure what to do with it?

I get these questions all the time from folks who have just started using LinkedIn. While LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to connect with others and build a network there are a few parameters to consider:

Is this person who is trying to connect to you a stranger?

  • If so, are you an open networker?  This means will you connect with “anyone” who reaches out?
  • If not, you should determine if you know this person personally.   If you do, accept the invitation.

Is this a useful connection?

  • Sometimes it is worthwhile to connect to someone in a particular group.  Be sure to accept the connection as a member of that group so you can track and regulate what information is sent to you.
  • If not, ignore the connection.

Only accept high-quality connections - This will increase your revenues through referral marketing.  As a solo entrepreneur seeking new ways to add word-of-mouth strategies, LinkedIn will bring you new business.

For personal instruction or onsite training for your business- Contact me.

LinkedIn Part 2 – Hands on Learning Workshop

Bring your laptop and learn! 
In conjunction with Cantor Consulting and the Dream Factory Community please join us. . .  Connect with Nancy Dube on LinkedIn! 
(This class requires prior knowledge of LinkedIn and an established LinkedIn account)
So you are on LinkedIn . . .
You have:
A profile – Is it optimized for success?
A business page – What are you doing with it?
You joined:
Some groups – Now what?
You want:
To find prospects – get noticed
To generate leads – but how?
LinkedIn for Business
PART 2 is the ANSWER!


  • Optimize your search criteria
  • Share your business page
  • Generate relationships with prospects through groups.
  • Target a specific industry or geographic radius.
  • Post a job or search for candidates.
  • Dive deeper into the add-ons.
  • Learn about the changes taking place.
I have been using LinkedIn since 2003 over 9 years! I have taught a variety of workshops and classes for Schools, Chambers of Commerce and Community Based Organizations.
Building Human Connections through Human Resources – Resumes – Social Media.
Please join us!
Date:       August 8, 2012
Time:       9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location:  Residence Inn Marriott 400 Staples Drive, Framingham, MA 01702
Cost:        $40.00 DFC Members
                $50.00 Non- Members







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Connect with Dube Consulting on LinkedIn!
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Dube Consulting, Worcester, Massachusetts 01605

How to Hire the Right Employee

BYB: Growing Your Business – How to Hire the Right Employee – CWE Worcester – Jul 25

If you do everything right during the startup phase, eventually you’ll need to hire additional help. Simply put, you can’t go it alone forever. The process of hiring even just one employee brings a whole new set of challenges — laws, recruiting, interviewing and more.

Hiring the wrong person can be disastrous for a company, but a great first employee can keep your business headed in the right direction and help it grow even more quickly.

So what’s the best way to embark on the hiring process for the very first time?

We will cover 8 steps to hiring quality employees:

Are you financially ready?

  1. Determining who you need – the job description
  2. Who should you hire – Employee, Temp or Independent Contractor
  3. How much should you pay them – benchmarking salaries
  4. Where to find people – advertising, job boards, social media
  5. The weeding process – applications, screening
  6. Questions to avoid during an interview
  7. Credentials, reference checks, the offer

Wednesday, July 25 from 9:30AM to 11:30AM CWE Worcester Fee: $35/class.  Partial scholarship may be available to those who qualify.

Registration is required.

LinkedIn’s New Look?

LinkedIn’s New Look?

I just heard the news that LinkedIn is taking on a totally different look. The white background is gone and it now has a gray speckled background. The navigation bar is black in color and goes across the full width of the screen. The LinkedIn profile still looks the same except for the new navigation bar.  The pages are still in the same order.

A New Design for LinkedIn?










The changes are coming according to TechCrunch, timetable unknown, but soon.  I will keep you updated and be offering training on the new-look.  Watch for simplification, better sharing and incentives to post updates.

What do you think of this new look?  What would you like to see?

Worcester Sharks and BNI Golden Givers Exclusive – LinkedIn for Business

Are you interested in expanding your Customer reach?  LinkedIn for Business is the answer!

We all want more Customers, more business, better connections … Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn for building and maintaining relationships, to grow your network, find collaborators or joint venture partners, create top of mind awareness, generate leads and attract more Customers.

This course is designed exclusively for BNI to give you a better understanding of how to use LinkedIn for business.  In this class we will explore:

How to make an impression with your profile

Customizing your account and settings

How to target a group or industry

Never make a cold call again – leverage the BNI connections and their network to gain greater visibility and make better referrals

How to broadcast an event for FREE

And much, much more…

Worcester Sharks Conference Room, 50 Foster Street – Door 22 DCU – Off of Commercial Street COST: $40

Must pre-register and pre-pay by 4/28/12 Make checks payable to: Dube Consulting


10 Things I Know About… HR Consultants

By Nancy Dube

Special to the Worcester Business Journal




When it comes to HR consultants, we are not all alike. Be sure to inquire about hands-on experience. Many consultants have credentials, but credentials alone will not solve your issues.


You must protect your company from lawsuits. Skilled HR consultants will stay abreast of changes to state and federal laws. They will inform their clients and keep them protected.


HR consultants will engage managers/supervisors by coaching them on what they can and cannot say or do.


Every company must pay their employees. Oftentimes, managing time records, tracking time and leave and calculating hours are handled by an efficient HR consultant.


An efficient and experienced HR consultant will proactively manage your workers’ compensation, minimizing downtime and quickly returning workers to the job.


Recruiting and employment agencies are one method for hiring. But consider engaging an HR consultant first who can help you develop job descriptions, salary surveys and a strategic plan.


Whether you need to administer benefits for 1 or 1,000 employees, the HR consultant will perform due diligence to understand the composition of your workforce, analyze plan summaries and provide recommendations.


Developing an effective means of evaluating employees on time and in a consistent manner is not easy to do. The skilled HR consultant will develop, implement and manage the process for you.


Putting a structure in place at your business to carry out a strategic plan can be a simple process for a skilled HR consultant. Writing policies, procedures, job descriptions and identifying reporting structure is necessary to build a top-notch organization.


Your employees are your lifeblood, but they drain your valuable time. A competent HR consultant will interface with your employees, resolve issues and free up time for you to run your business.

Nancy Dube is a principal with Worcester-based Dube Consulting.
She can be reached at